February and March in Pictures

You can see captions by hovering your cursor or clicking on each photo.  Most of these pictures haven’t been in the blog yet.  Thanks to our loyal readers.  Four Months To Go!

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I am the Upper School Chaplain at Breck School in Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA., an Episcopal priest, and the author of the world religions text "Tree of World Religions," available on amazon.com. I've also done two lessons for TED-Ed.

2 thoughts on “February and March in Pictures”

  1. John,

    So great to have these. All but a two or three are new to me.

    My faves: Dehli Toilet Museum throne (!), Climbing a Dune, Nubian Village Courtyard, Water-Supply Pipes from Ancient Petra, Woman Making Cow-Pie Fuel, Sunset over the Ganges, Guarding Golden Temple, and Amritsar Hassam, The Captain of The Karibu. Boatman on the Ganges,

    Keep Œem coming!


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