June and July In Pictures

It’s summer vacation, so we have not posted as much….

OK, true: the whole year has been like the best summer vacation of my life.

But still, it’s been a more relaxed pace in the last two months for us, in part because we’ve had to take care of van-related business in Holland and the UK, and in part because we’re trying to savor the passage of time.  So our camper van is now Dutch and British Inspected, and is slumbering in a great secure storage place in East Anglia.

And we got to be part of our son Carter’s official wedding to Jennifer, courtesy of our dear friend Bishop Mariann Budde and 70 guests at a wonderful ceremony last weekend in London.  Highlights included an awesome dinner our whole family prepared and served in our air bnb, a day of games on Hampstead Heath, a visit to the pub where Carter and Jen met three-plus years ago, and so much singing and laughing.  Special thanks to our hosts Laura and Mike and Peter and Sue, Jennifer’s parents and step-parents. And her siblings, Toby Coe and Lucy Noel.  If our son has to live so far away, well, at least he’s part of a tremendous family now.

June was spent mostly in the former Yugoslavia, then Germany, and July was Van Month in Utrecht, Wales, and England.